Hips-up.jpgTyra Lokey, is a direct product of God's provision, protection, grace, and unabounding love. Growing up in an abusive and broken family enviroment, an enviroment where she had to search dumpsters for food, Tyra learned at an early age that the one person she could depend on is Jesus Christ. Hearing for the first time, that Jesus loves her so much that he died for her and wanted to live in her heart, she did not understand. The only love she knew was from a broken home life. Locked outside on days she seemed to be a bother gradually the holy spirit softened her heart and allowed her to trust in the one who could save her from this life eternally.
God used Tyra's senior english teacher, Mrs. Collier to turn her only hope for life and a future into a whirlwind of miracles and blessings. After moving to Murray, Kentucky, Tyra experienced God as a provider. Without money or food,Sitting-on-stool-copy.jpg God literally sent the Baptist Student Union of Murray State to her door step to provide. Food, fellowship and many avenues by which He led Tyra and arrived her safely in the arms of the ministry you are now supporting.
Upon hearing the desire of Tyra's to learn sign language, God quickly responded by allowing Tyra to learn in three months, what should have taken years. People who are fluent in american sign Language tell Tyra , "you must be a genius". Her response is " No, but I know a genius, God". Now Tyra travels all over the world sharing Hope to those that are hopeless. She shares that everyone has a choice to make, why not choose Christ. She shares her mess and how God made it her message.
powerfistsmall.jpgGod has allowed Tyra to reach thousands for His Glory.
"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, Plans to Prosper you not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future".
Jeremiah 29:11