Hey Guys,
So glad you checked out this page. I had the wonderful opportunity to sign at the Jeremy camp concert Aug 24,2009. It was awesome and thousands were in attendance. I praise God for the opportunity to share His gifts with Jeremy and many others check out the pics.
     I would also like to share with you guys my family Jerry and Lyrica. As a matter of fact my little biscuit will be 2 on Sept 20th. She loves elmo as a matter of fact currently she is placing all her elmos around my feet as I am writing you. CUTE. My beautiful husband Jerry has been so gracious to model the t-shirts for you so go to store and check him out. It took me a long time to get him to wear the pink one.
     Hey this is a signart fact.
Did you know that we have over 800 teams all over the world that does signart ministries. Established by me Tyra Lokey -Robinson in 1992. Signart is even in places I have never been like London, England and Hawaii.
For all who twitter follow me at signart2009.